SMART Structures

We support businesses, co-operations and assocations of business propose, incubate, foster, or build into member-owned and controlled SMART structures. These include bespoke insurance schemes and alternative risk transfer businesses such as Captives and Discretionary Mutuals.


What is Alternative Risk Transfer and Risk Sharing? The whole mechanism of Risk Transfer, Risk Retention and Risk Sharing is not a new concept, in fact, it predates the origins of Insurance, and helped create the fundamental principles of the $multi-trillion global market that exists today.

Before insurance it would be commonplace for communities to support one another, in the form of mutual aid, for example: if a house was destroyed neighbours would commit to helping rebuild.

Risk Sharing is what insurance is built upon and can be used effectively to distribute Risk amongst organisations, departments, teams or individuals.

InShare SMART Structures essentially allow individual companies to benefit from the economies of scale working as a large group, improving their purchasing power, and removing the most expensive element of insurance from the market by sharing it amongst their peers.

Insurers benefit from working with a single group, removing the frictional cost of dealing with high volumes of policies and small claims.

Each owner of a SMART structure is empowered with a greater awareness and knowledge of Risk within their company, proactively working to prevent loss events, whilst reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Our Risk Sharing Community, Design Studio and Customer Portal

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Empowering You through our Digital Risk Ecosystem

Our ability to enable fully digital engagement with Risk Sharing Community members allows us to rapidly deploy a new RSC with minimal physical administration.

Our vision is to work across Industry & Commerce, and so where communities already exist we offer our system to the administrators to ease their administrative and cost burden.

At the same time the members of those communities will be able to access our Risk Management Marketplace (link), which we will curate for the specific dynamics of their community.

Interested in using our Digital Risk Ecosystem as a standalone platform for your Broking business, Association or Management Company?

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The InShare Risk Management Marketplace


30MHz are driving digitalisation throughout the agriculture supply chain, providing the industry with a data platform which is powered by plug & play wireless sensor technology. They help connect and capture crop level metrics which drive insights for growers, advisors and researchers in one central, easy to use platform that's​’ accessible on any device. This empowers agribusiness to make the best decision for their crops, reducing risks and driving better yields.

AGB Risk Control Services

AGB provides Risk Consultancy and Health & Safety solutions across the UK and Ireland and is recognised for its high quality risk control reporting.

Their expertise spans much of commerce and industry and they offer sector specific guidance on Agriculture, Arboriculture, Estate Management, Warehousing, Storage, Retail,and Leisure.


Balkerne provides property owners the ability to understand long term risks of flood, extreme weather, fire and theft through an innovative platform. Property owners have the ability to record activities taken to mitigate location specific risk and track the success of the initiative.

The platform provides extensive live processing of numerous sources of data enabling property owners to be best informed as to the nature and detail of evolving risks and to benefit from the co-ordinated delivery of risk mitigations.


Smart protection for business.

We believe that well-run businesses should be able to access smarter cover and financial services products that reward lower risk.

Brisk is a smart protection assistant to help small-medium sized businesses safeguard themselves beyond just the traditional insurance policy.

Monitor and protect the things that could catch you out: Cash-flow, staff well-being, supplier failure, cyber attack, online reputation and compliance.

Connect and collaborate with your broker or adviser to help them watch your back and keep you safe.


Protecting yourself online is hard;DynaRisk makes it easy

DynaRisk provides an extra layer of protection that antivirus software can’t. Learn ways to manage your online safety with the world’s first personal Cyber Security Score and dashboard,designed to help you better understand your cyber security risks. Your dashboard is tailored to you with an intuitive range of tools and actions that protect not only your devices, but your entire digital footprint.

Much like a credit score, your Cyber Security Score tells you just how safe you are online based on our assessment which takes into account over 70 personal risk factors.


Fing provides best-in-market IoT Device Recognition technology. 

Fing’s AI-led proprietary algorithms instantly identify the make, model, brand and operating system of all IoT devices on a network. Fing’s patent-pending Device Recognition technology is available to license as a Cloud API and Client SDKs as well as an Offline Database. 

Fing has over ten years of experience in IoT and has identified over 380 million distinct devices and can catalogue 30 billion devices. Fing is working with the largest global players in the Insurance and Cyber sectors. 


Fireward is the UK’s leading fire suppression company delivering award-winning and approved fire suppression systems for machinery and equipment used across a wide range of industries including agriculture, construction, waste & recycling, mining, manufacturing, residential, retail, renewable energy and rail.

As a fire safety specialist, Fireward is committed to driving fire safety standards across all our core sectors that we work within, to create a broader and effective understanding of basic fire prevention and protection to ensure the safety and welfare of both the asset, the people, and the immediate environment.


Previsico provide real-time street level flood warnings, helping people and organisations reduce their flood losses. Uniquely, Previsico’s flood warnings are continuously modelled in their Flood Map Live software using the latest IBM weather company rainfall forecasts.

Previsico’s flood forecasting technology has been developed at Loughborough University over 20 years. It has been used globally by organisations including the UK Cabinet Office to enable smarter flood response with actionable insights.

RISC Vision

RISC Vision delivers risk and commercial intelligence to help our clients focus their due diligence analysis and carry out ongoing portfolio monitoring of third party companies. We identify a holistic set of risk and threats emerging from the complex flows of goods, services and money between the companies you depend upon.

Our natural language processing algorithms identify threats in the areas of Financial Health,Operational Resilience, Strategic Direction, People and ESG (Environment Social and Governance). 

We deliver intuitive and actionable alerts helping clients act with confidence to mitigate risk or to seize opportunity.


TrackMyRisks are on a mission to save lives and careers. They do this by making governance,risk and compliance simple for all shapes and sizes of businesses. Their intuitive platform gives you a simple, Digital System of Record (DSoR) to keep you on the right side of the law.

Store critical documents securely and share them easily with regulators, auditors, procurement teams and other important people.Track exactly who is doing what, when and where with a chain of evidence that auditors just love.


iAuditor is an inspection platform used to manage operations and empower front line workers to carry out inspections and spot issues quickly and easily. It provides visibility and insights to help raise safety and quality standards across organisations in hundreds of industries.

Teams can collect consistent data, send reports, identify failed areas, standardise operations and get problems resolved quickly. 

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Our Ecosystem for you

Whilst all of the varied elements of the InShare Ecosystem can operate effectively as standalone solutions, it is how they support each other thatensures SMART Risk is more than just an acronym.

Digitally Enabled

Sharing Risk to raise understanding of what threats are expected, and to provide recompense in the event something goes wrong.

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Insurance Services

Transferring Risk to those who make it their business to provide a response to catastrophic or unforeseen events, supporting the resilience of your business, whatever happens.

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SMART Products

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Business resilience just got easier

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InShare Limited is a professional business management and risk advisory services company undertaking non-regulated activity, and acts as an introducer to InShare Insurance Services Limited, who provide our customers with insurance solutions. InShare Limited (Company number 11791038). Registered office address: Barrington House, Heyes Lane, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, England, SK9 7LA.

Regulatory Statement:
InShare via its subsidiary InShare Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, authorisation number FRN965006. Registered Office: Barrington House, Heyes Lane, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, England, SK9 7LA; Registered in England No: 12598390.
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